SMC Edition – 20200614

Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional
Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional

I hope you enjoy your Sunday Morning Coffee page. It is here to inform, have fun and enlighten your day. Dip in and out during the day, put your feet up and relax. Have a coffee and enjoy.

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Sunday Morning Coffee ‘The Headliner’

Welcome to the Sunday Morning Coffee – Banking On a Home Run

Imagine a newly acquired bank that resided in a foreign land. It was like landing on the moon this time. Along came three not so wise men to discuss the changes that would need to take place. Little did we know of the caravan that would turn up the following day, with their own hidden agendas.

It was a standard practice to visit a newly acquired business. The objective to share all the practices they would have to follow. Our fears would be what local regulatory and or statutory requirements would get in the way. There were three of us from the corporate parent. I knew one of them because I had worked regularly with him. The other I didn’t know so well, he became a thorn in my side. Our guests were very hospitable the evening before the three day workout. The following morning on entering the meeting room, which turned out to be their boardroom, my fears rose. We were faced with thirty empty seats around an oblong table, with chairs to spare behind them!

The agenda had been mapped out before we had left for the visit, a template used many times before. It was, introduce them to the corporate financial practices, identify cross selling products we could introduce, and generally get to know them. We arrived early to the empty room. We placed ourselves in the middle and waited for the arrivals. The caravan arrived on time. All the chairs were filled. Introduction took an hour! It was hard to see everyone at the table. I would have to raise my voice to be heard. Help arrived in the form of coffee.

The interpreter was good, however, lacked as usual the technical and US corporate speak. By the end of day one I had twenty pages of notes, most of them relating to systems I had never heard of. They were all home grown or local government applications, a mystery to be revealed later. It was obvious the agenda would not be completed within the timescale. That evening over dinner we discussed how to tone down the items, to ensure we came away with the fundamental requirements.

Day two didn’t go well. I ended up being emotionally drained by the sheer complexity of the business before me. Our third man spent more time on his own agenda which was the cross selling of products. Now note, none of the said financial systems talked or shared data between them. In thirty days, they would have to be consolidated and reported upto corporate.

This reminded me of why one should never rely on the due diligence ‘data bank books’ I was reminded that I would never go into a supermarket without knowing the products and layout. Why did I enter this bank without a solid set of directions and knowledge? It was a fifty page car crash by the time we left. The shop/bank was in ruins and everyone was exhausted and understandably worried.

The morale is don’t leave home without some knowledge of what you are facing, plan, revise, be adaptable, but stick to the agenda. Next time, read how we rebuilt a bank and made a profit to the surprise of many, including the seller.

I have a lot more stories, until next time.

Cloud services for small medium-sized businesses

“Call in the clouds” -SMB’s

The future of work and entertainment is in the cloud. Read more of what the clouds could do for you .

Small to medium-size business owners are often fighting a losing battle when it comes to implementing technology that works for them, with the expense being the major cause for lack of technology adoption.

As a SME business, cloud technologies are definitely worth looking at. They carry the impact that an in-house solution would provide, however, without the costs of space used, in-house admin and hardware. In simple terms cloud computing is accessing some digital resource or service, which is not installed locally on your computer. It is a way of consolidating your digital resources into one accessible solution, where every you are. It’s an appealing prospect. What can you expect from the cloud?

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Writing the pro-tips at a desk

Pro-tip and less stressful…

Project Go-Live Decision Making

Pro-Tip of the week.

Pro-Tip – No, it’s nothing to do with golf or any other sport. It’s me dipping into my bags of tricks and sharing some best practice from my past. While I’m at it “Do you feel you never have enough time?”. Spend time exactly how you save money, by not spending it on luxuries or indulgent tasks.

This time I talk about Project Go-Live Decision Making, read more.


Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson go on a camping trip together. After eating their dinner around the campfire they retire to the tent to go to sleep. A few hours later Sherlock wakes up.

“Watson, are you awake?” He asks.

“Yes sir. What is it?” Answers Watson.

“Look up and tell me what you see.” Asks Holmes.

“I see billions of stars,” says Watson.

“And what does that tell you Watson,” asks Holmes.

“Well,” says Dr Watson, ” Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful and that we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.” “Why? – What does it tell you, Holmes?” Holmes is quiet for a moment then says: “It tells me that someone has stolen our tent.”

Poster -Think about doing things differently.

I’m very pleased with my new fridge magnet. So far I’ve got twelve fridges.

Success poster

If at first you don’t succeed, we have a lot in common.

Behind every successful student, there is a deactivated Facebook account.

5 out of 6 scientists say Russian Roulette is safe.


My boss told me to stop acting like a flamingo, so I had to put my foot down.

What do you call a dead flamingo? Flamingone

Read last weeks Sunday Morning Coffee Here – Confessions of a 70’s Computer Operator

Sunday Morning Coffee

When I started out in computing in the late seventies, I was a trainee junior operator. My job involved putting tapes into tape decks; exchanging disk drives that looked like the Star Trek Enterprise; emptying the printer and restacking it with fresh paper; putting some operating commands into the operating console; and generally keeping the place clean for visitors.

Looking for Success? Profile of ROGER SMITH


Delivery focused ERP project and cutover manager including implementation of multiple SAP projects and a recent MS Dynamics CRM project.

Extensive experience gained over the past 20 years in a range of leading private sector (Heineken, EE, P&G, Barclays Capital, Nissan) and public sector organisations (BBC, Newcastle University, DAFRD). Some of that experience included roles as SAP Finance (FI/CO) consultant/team lead.

Prior to that previous experience as a Financial Accountant with responsibility for production of monthly management accounts and leading small Finance & Payroll functions.

Used to working away from home during the week over many years, both in the UK and Europe, and now seeking another challenging opportunity.

Read more about Roger Smith here

May Review Out Now

I’ve spent the month of May during the lock down, creating content to explain my business I.T. services and solutions. I’ve also had a bit of fun writing a Sunday Morning Coffee column. I am an I.T. Consultant professional, everyone can use a little help from a designated professional. Read more about my activities in May, 2020 here

About our I.T. Services and Solutions

KMS - I.T. Consultant.  I.T. Solutions for SME's
Success Poster

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Let’s build something together.

Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional

Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional. When it comes to managing the different aspects of your business, an IT consultant can help with many different facets.

As a small business owner (or medium-sized business owner), you are in charge of all aspects of your business. You may have to tend to many different things you would rather not have to. This may include, being the administrator, salesperson, marketing lead, and even in charge of Information Technology (IT). Taking one or more of these jobs that don’t quite relate directly to your business can help you focus on the things that matter most.

Hiring an IT Consultant can be beneficial to your business, but finding one can be a task in its own. Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional.

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