Project Strategies – The Business Case

Project Business Case This will be why you can justified the project to the project board. The business case is used to say why the forecast effort and time will be worth the expenditure. Along with the benefits that will be realised by completing the project. #ProjectStrategies #SMEs #Business #ITConsulting #ProjectManagement #ProjectBusinessCase #StartingUpAProject #BusinessCase

Project Strategies – The Brief

Project Strategies

Project Strategy – What is a Project Brief? A successful project brief will only be useful if you have an agreed project board executive named to lead the stakeholders at the start up of the initiation phase. Having run many of the initiation meetings, the first one must include the executive to kick off proceedings. And be there for the first day on hand to provide guidance and knowledge. #ProjectStrategies #SMEs #Business #ITConsulting #ProjectManagement

Pro-Tip – Ask a Professional

Pro-Tip - The other day my niece who is fifteen was cooking tea for the family. Now, she is a very good cook and is really engaged in becoming a foodie. I've been lucky enough to enjoy a number of gourmet delights during the virus and lock down. Recently, she came to me while cooking with a plastic bottle of cider and asked me to open it for her. She doesn't have the strength yet, to open it and I did. It made me think of all the small businesses who struggle with information technology, not because they can't learn. they just don't have the time too.