Pro-Tip – Independent Learning

Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional
Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional

Pro-Tip – Independent learning

Words of encouragement shared by an achievement leader at my nephews school recently.

Independent learning, building resilience and developing self-motivation. These are all aspects of learning skills which can only stand you in good stead for your future endeavours.

Like remote working, the nation has also turned into home school learners, children and parents/carers.

Independent learning draws from constructivist theories that suggest that knowledge is created by the learner rather than being imparted or transferred. Learners need to understand how they are constructing their learning in order to reuse and apply their cognitive processes in new circumstances.

Independent learning is important because it develops creativity and intellectual curiosity. Independent learning is about pupils being active rather than passive. It is about them working out the answers rather than being told them.

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Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure, challenges, or even trauma. … Resilient kids are more likely to take healthy risks because they don’t fear falling short of expectations. They are curious, brave, and trusting of their instincts.

Resilience is the psychological strength to deal with stress, setbacks, crises and an array of hardships that confront us in life. When life situations get out of kilter, resilience is the one quality and skill we need most to get us through the difficult times.

Resilience is what gives people the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship. It is the mental reservoir of strength that people are able to call on in times of need to carry them through without falling apart.

Fostering self-motivation in your child is easier than you think.

Find out how to get your kids to do things for themselves.

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  • Guide Their Schedule. …
  • Encourage Play. …
  • Help Them Find a Sense of Community. …
  • Be a “Dolphin” Parent. …
  • Avoid General Praise. …
  • Focus on Effort. …
  • Aim to Inspire. …
  • Let Them Stumble.

There comes a time when decisions have to made at a point in your business. As a business owner you and your team members have to accept professional help. Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional

Resilience starts at a very early age, live long and prosper, peace and long life!

Our I.T. Services and Solutions

Lending knowledge and experience to companies across the UK, Information Technology Solutions. Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional.

Our focus is on the strategy for you to succeed, when it comes to change that involves Information Technology -Applications, Hardware and Software. Extensive experience gained over the past 30 years in a range of leading private and public sector.

We have implemented multiple full lifecycles, IT and business change projects from business brief and case preparation, strategy, discovery and blueprinting through to cutover and handover to business as usual support functions.

We are extremely delivery-focused having led multiple programmes and projects through the key “cutover/go-live/deployment” phases. This has included transitioning support to outsourced third party suppliers, e.g. Ceridian; IBM.

We have first class team building (internal, external, third party, remote parties) and management capabilities. Excellent key stakeholder management. Analytical problem solver and decisive decision makers. Extensive business change management/partnering. Worked in “business”, “corporate” and “IT” facing roles.

We do deliver for example, shared financial service centres in Europe, Asia and Australia. Rollout of a standardised SAP European finance template at Nissan. Consolidation of separate Oracle & SAP systems at GE Capital and EE (Orange/T-Mobile). We have done application migrations from multiple (some time hundreds) of locations around Europe and the world. We done upgrades to applications and managed the business change.

When it comes to managing the different aspects of your business, an IT consultant can help with many different facets. As a business leader, you are in charge of all aspects of your business. You may have to tend to many different things you would rather not have to. This may include, being the administrator, salesperson, marketing lead, and even in charge of Information Technology (IT). Taking one or more of these jobs that don’t quite relate directly to your business can help you focus on the things that matter most.

Hiring an IT Consultant can be beneficial to your business, but finding one can be a task in its own.

CV Image of Kenneth Mulley-Smith and Roger Smith
CV Image of Kenneth Mulley-Smith and Roger Smith

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Let’s build something together.

Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional

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