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Project Strategy – What is a Project Business Case

Following on from the outline business case documented in the Project Brief. Complete this road map to building a business case. The out come will be why you can justified the project to the project board. The business case is used to say why the forecast effort and time will be worth the expenditure. Along with the benefits that will be realised by completing the project.

Why document the Business Case?

The business case describes the reason and justifications for undertaking the project. It is the most important document. The project information drives the project decisions. It is continually checked to ensure progress is made against the project objectives. It is developed at the start of the project and is maintained throughout the project. It is reviewed by the project board at each key decision point.

It’s Purpose

To estimate the estimated cost of development and implementation. Weighing these against the risks and the anticipated business benefits and savings to be gained. The business change will be considered along with wider factors than just development costs.

Key quality factors to follow are:

  • Can the benefits be justified?
  • Are the project plan and business case aligned?
  • Are the reasons for the project consistent with corporate programme strategy?

Explain the reasons for undertaking the project?

Explain the following: The business change. The technology change. The regulatory or statutory change. the improvements programme. the corporate strategy.

What options have been considered for the project?

A description of the different options that have been considered for the project. The chosen option should be indicated, with a summary of the reason for the choice.

Describe the Project Benefits

List and name with details of the financial and non-financial benefits.

The financials should be costed and the investment appraised in terms of improved cash flow, reduced stock levels and regulatory compliance. Provide measurements against each item.

The non-financial benefits describe. These for example could be company image; improved staff moral, improved customer response time, customer satisfaction and reduced staff turnover. Again provide evidence of how these will be measured.


Provide a summary of the key risks to the project. Document in a risk log.

Cost and Timetable

Give an indication of when costs are likely to be incurred over the life cycle of the project by month and by stage of the project. Validate against your project plan, staffing requirements and capital purchases plans.

Investment Appraisal

Provide a costs benefit analysis of the project. Indicate the return on investment. Summarise the costs and benefits. Forecast when the benefits will break even against the costs over time.

Benefits Realisation Plan

It is most likely that the benefits in the business case will not be realised until well after the end of the project. State how the benefits will be monitored and realised. An individual needs to have responsibility for ensuring that the benefit is realised. In most cases this is the project executive responsibility and senior user or change manager.

That’s all folks!

Previously we discuss the project brief

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Project Strategies by KMS I.T. Consultant

This page is related to project management and my knowledge and experiences of projects that I’ve worked on. I will share both my comprehension and adventures. I’ve seen many an enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. I’ve lent knowledge and experience to companies across the UK, Europe and the world with Information Technology Solutions.

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CV Image of Kenneth Mulley-Smith and Roger Smith

“Vast Project Management Knowledge and Experience”

Ken Mulley-Smith And Roger Smith are available to work now. Contact us. We both have vast Project Management knowledge and experience in the space of Financials (Oracle and SAP). We have managed large scale changes for businesses over the last thirty years.

As a business leader or owner, we can help you with strategic decisions and delivery them.

We are available now for work, contact us. Read more of what we can for you.

We have Vast Project Management Knowledge and Experience, and would like to work with you.

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