Project Strategies – The Brief – Part One

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Project Strategy – What is a Project Brief?

A successful project brief will only be useful if you have an agreed project board executive named to lead the stakeholders at the start up of the initiation phase. Having run many of the initiation meetings, the first one must include the executive to kick off proceedings. And be there for the first day on hand to provide guidance and knowledge. Over the next period of meetings and discovery, the out come should be a project brief definition document.

What is needed in a Project Brief Definition?

Having identified the sponsor, the background information and the reason for undertaking this exercise. The task of building the project brief can begin. Any previous attempts at starting this project should also be discussed, and the reasons documented as to why they didn’t proceed or were started and then stopped. This is very relevant knowledge and should be recorded in your risk document.

Part one of two slides to end up with a complete project brief, this is followed by outlining the business case

So let start with the Project Purpose!

In simple term explain why the project is required. What is to be improved? How will the organisation benefit from the change? Why does it has to done? This is about why, and not the solution after the project has been realised.

Project Objectives Indeed.

This is what is to be done. What is to be establish and implement. What is to be ensured. Anything written down here must be achievable within the project, and under control of the project manager.

Outline the Project Deliverables

A list the elements and the components that must be produced or acquired to meet the project objectives. The list of products must be quantifiable and identifiable. They mus be able to standalone, for example like a general accounting ledger; an HR system; a Payroll systems; and a pensions solutions.

Project Scope

The key ares, functions and processes to be addressed during the project. Yes, the dreaded what is ‘In’ scope and what is ‘Out’ of scope. Please don’t leave anything on the line. This is a list of what will be affected by the project. A change in account payable suppliers and services for example. A new fixed assets system to replace those old spreadsheet. These could be things identified in a recent audit report that need action. for example.


These are constraints the project are to work with during the project. Time, resources, funding, impacts or ways of executing the project are some of the main criteria set at this stage. These restrictions will have a bearing on the eventual outcome of the project.


These include any other projects, outcomes or processes with which this proposed project and its eventual outcome may have to fit.

What’s Next?

This is the first of two posts describing the approach to starting up a project.

Coming Next time: The Outline Business Case

When your project brief is complete you will have documented the project definition and outlined the business case. The next level of detail will also have been discovered.

Are you starting up a project?

I hope you found this interesting. We have Vast Project Management Knowledge and Experience, and would like to work with you, please read on and contact us if you require our services?

As a business leader or owner, we can help you with strategic decisions and delivery them. We are available now for work, contact us.

CV Image of Kenneth Mulley-Smith and Roger Smith
CV Image of Kenneth Mulley-Smith and Roger Smith

“Vast Project Management Knowledge and Experience”

Ken Mulley-Smith And Roger Smith are available to work now. Contact us. We both have vast Project Management knowledge and experience in the space of Financials (Oracle and SAP). We have managed large scale changes for businesses over the last thirty years.

As a business leader or owner, we can help you with strategic decisions and delivery them.

We are available now for work, contact us. Read more of what we can for you.

We have Vast Project Management Knowledge and Experience, and would like to work with you.

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