ITIL: Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

So, it’s built and in production. Service level agreements have been defined and signed off by the customers and or end-users. Now, it’s like trying to keep the trains running on time. How do you maintain continual service improvements? Are you driven by problems?

Problem Management consists of two major processes:

Reactive Problem Management, which is generally executed as part of the Service Operation. Proactive Problem Management which is initiated in Service Operation, but generally driven as part of Continual service improvement (CSI).

You don’t have to be a detective to manage CSI. You do have to have a system that records the problem. For small businesses, this doesn’t have to be a corporate sledgehammer. A simply solution which guides the customers to register a problem is good enough. The problem can then be managed via the standard I.T. processes.

  • Identify a potential Problem.
  • Raise a Problem Management case.
  • Categorize and prioritize.
  • Systematic investigation (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Identify change(s) needed to resolve and work through Change Management.
  • Verify problem has been resolved.
  • Close out problem.

Following this process, roles and responsibilities can be allocated and managed successfully. This allows for transparent communications to take place between the I.T department and the customers/end-users. Therefore, minimizing the impact of problems.

A cheerful workflow with clearly defined visible steps will improve service quality. Don’t be left behind. I use my knowledge, experience and attention to detail to help small businesses.

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Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional

Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional. When it comes to managing the different aspects of your business, an IT consultant can help with many different facets.

As a small business owner (or medium-sized business owner), you are in charge of all aspects of your business. You may have to tend to many different things you would rather not have to. This may include, being the administrator, salesperson, marketing lead, and even in charge of Information Technology (IT). Taking one or more of these jobs that don’t quite relate directly to your business can help you focus on the things that matter most.

Hiring an IT Consultant can be beneficial to your business, but finding one can be a task in its own. Everyone can use a little help from a designated professional.

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